From Belgium with love



Designed in Belgium

Creating the Oscar Socks brand was the result of a simple assessment. How can one find socks that can meet two standards such as quality and a touch of originality.

What magic touch can bring a smile on your face while preparing yourself to go to work or even to school in the morning ? “A full-of-color sock!”

Yet you need to find a balance between fanciness and sobriety.

The result drove us to pick simple patterns and mixing classical colors with lighter ones.

Made in Italy

While traveling in Italy, we discovered a mystical region not far from Milano. Covered with hills and acting as an economic lung, this is where we found an artisan. His family has been making socks for generations. Yet he still uses old mechanics and his own hands to craft high quality socks.

Allowing us to monitor the process of creation of all our models, Italy became a first choice as a matter of geography and skill.


The use of bamboo has spread around the world. Coming from the far east, its qualities are known and recognized. Among them lets underline its softness, antibacterial effect and absorption capacity.  

Besides, bamboo production is famous because it does not need fertilizers and pesticides. It grows fast and has lower impact than cotton on nature.

All these features made it the natural choice for Oscarsocks.